Menacide Reign Supreme Book 1 & 2 combo (PRE-ORDER)


This Pre-Order product is set to ship on or around January 2, 2019

The hard hitting second half to Menacide's double opus, "Reign Supreme" is here! Featuring guest appearances from McNastee, Playboy The Beast, Insane Loc, A-Game, Nastie Ink, and more... Not to mention, the very last unreleased/unheard Proof Of D12 verse in existence on the tribute song, "Living Proof!" 12 page booklet, silver over blue, 15 tracks of Supreme material, and more!(Includes hidden bonus stuff!)

This package features Reign Supreme: Book One and Reign Supreme: Book Two.

Menacide "Reign Supreme Book Two" Tracklist:

1. Recoil
2. Pyro
3. Stuck To The Top (Feat. Shawn Collins)
4. Monsterz (Feat. Q Strange)
5. MF G'z (Feat. Insane LOC & Dan Tha Saltine)
6. Round Here (Feat. Playboy The Beast)
7. Adios (Feat. Nastie Ink)
8. Payback (Feat. Masetti)
10. Livin' Proof (Feat. Big Proof Of D12)
11. Where U Been (Feat. McNastee & A-Game)
12. Destination (W/ Breana M.)
13. Beep Beep! (Feat. Shawn Collins & McNastee)
14. On One
15. Not The One / ???