Shipping Commitment:

It is our guarantee that all products shipped from the Official Thirteen Percent store will arrive 100% safe and undamaged. All items are packaged professionally, with an emphasis on maintaining complete product quality. Special care is taken to ensure that each order arrives without handling issue. CD's, shirts, lighters, and similar items are packaged in air tight bubble wrap, while posters and bend-ables are sent via protected cardboard tubes.

If for any reason a product is damaged during shipping due to a packaging issue on our behalf, we will gladly exchange the item for one of equal value. You can rest assured that ANY item ordered at the Official Thirteen Percent Store is given the utmost attention to detail while being handled / shipped.


When Will My Order Arrive?

Orders are usually processed the same day they are received (M-F) and are shipped within 3-5 business days after payment is confirmed. We have switched our shipping system to use USPS Electronic Rates for Domestic orders to expedite our shipping process. We ask that you allow up to 14 business days for your item(s) to arrive in the USA, and up to 28 business days for international delivery. Although most items arrive before this time, we must make this our official policy in light of unforeseen delays, holidays, etc.

I didn't receive all of my order. How come?

Orders containing both CDs and apparel will be shipped separately and you will be provided with delivery tracking numbers for every package sent.  Typically CDs will arrive before apparel.

I was given a unique promo code to enter to receive (insert item) with my order. Where do I enter this code?

At checkout, please enter the promo code into the provided box, and it will be noted with your order that a specific bonus item is to be packaged with your purchased item(s).

Who can I contact with questions?

You may contact the Official Thirteen Percent store with all order and shipping related questions not answered here by emailing: [email protected]. Please be sure that you include your name, relevant order information, and return contact information. Someone will respond at our earliest possible convenience.

Will you be getting (insert item) in the future?

Very possible! The Official Thirteen Percent Store is frequently updated with new merchandise, CD's, clothing, and more. If you have a specific idea or request for a custom item, please feel free to contact us via email, and we'll pass it along.

What does "Thirteen Percent" mean?

Check out www.OfficialHeavyHittaz.com to read more! Thirteen Percent is essentially, a unique monikor indicating a pride in underground / independent music, with an emphasis on quality.

All merchandise logos and artwork are ©2017 Thirteen Percent. All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication, copying, or altering in any fashion is a violation of applicable laws, and subject to criminal prosecution.