McNastee - P.S. I Don't Write Love Songs LP

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Originally released as a fan download for Valentine's Day 2006, the 13 Percent store brings you the full pressed version of McNastee's "P.S. I don't write love songs." Containing previously unreleased songs like "On My Own" featuring Shy One, "Why U Wanna?", and "My Love," P.S. also features rare gems like "Left Me Heartless," and "Guts."

A must for any McNastee fans or forlorn lovers out there, pick up P.S. while they last.

Track Listing:
01. My Lover
02. Left Me Heartless
03. Love Letters
04. I Still Don't Know
05. Get Back Home
06. Don't Ever Wanna Fall
07. Down Low
08. Ey Shawty
09. Guts
10. Why U Wanna
11. On My Own Too Long
12. Incomplete
13. The Meadow (extended mix)
14. All My Life
15. Made 4 Me